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Manual de reparación completo para PSP Go, incluida la actualización de la batería y las instrucciones de reparación de la pantalla.

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Loss of audio Output From Units speakers.


I have my psp go doing an odd thing.

It powers on fine and all functions are correct - save one. Audio.

Initially i susected that the device was assuming thati had headphones in - but when headphones are inserted the volume changes ion screen to the volume i had set last for headphones and audio is outputted through the headphones.

I then suspected that there may be dirt in the dock and thourghly cleaned the dock. Still no sound from speakers.

I then stripped PSP down as per your guides and looked at the speakers themselves - visually nothing "seems" wrong.

What areas should i be focussing on to rectify this fault?

Is it possible the speakers have blown after a heavy bout of dance/trance bass?

If so where can i obtain replacement parts?

Thanks in advance



Reading other psp go problems i found this fuse diagram.

I dont speak/read russian and dont know if these fuses are relevant.

Anyone care to share a translation?

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It is a piddly little fuse on the right side of the motherboard as you remove rear case.

It is marked with the letter L.

My fix is more of a bodge tbh.

I desoldered the fuse and used a bit of thin wire to make the circuit.

to make the fix permanent i need a new fuse lol.

Anyways hope this helps someone out in the future

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Great job, now all you have left to do is to accept your own answer. That way we will know that this works. Again, great job.

- de

Fuses blow to protect the rest of the system. By bypassing it you risk serious damage

- de

Here's what mine looks like (I desoldered those three little fuses):

When I get some thin wire soldered over the contacts to make the circuit, the PSP stops booting up. I take it off and it goes back to working (yet with no sound).

This is literally my first time using a solvering iron, so I'm wondering: is it possible that my board has gotten so messed up to the point that I'll no longer be able remake the circuit? Or am I just not soldering the contacts together correctly, and therefore should keep trying?

- de

I worked for me, thank you so much

- de

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I had the similar problem and by repairing the fuse problem solved.

Thanks Coxy.

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How exactly did you repair the fuse?

- de

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Im having the same problem here. No sounds through speakers. Earphones works perfectly.

I didnt silde the fuse of but I tried to connect 2 sides of a fuse with a wire but when they were connected the psp didn't boot up. when I remove the wire everything works again but still no sounds

is there anyway I can check if its really a fuse problem or not ? I'm just a noob so please help xD

I know this is an old topic but please help me !

Thank in advance :)

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Same thing is happening to me :\

- de

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i replaced the fuse. now my start/select button don't work. You think related ?

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What did you replace the fuse with?

- de

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^ you might have not have done it correctly.

Make sure you didn't leave any residue around the components. It can cause faulty things to happen.

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