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A splash-proof, portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL, released September 2015.

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Power issues. Randomly turning off even when plugged.

Hey guys,

I have an issue with my JBL Pulse 2. So my usb port is a bit messed up i have to play around with the cable before it starts charging. Thats a know issue. But

Lately most of the times even though the bottom dot (those battery dot indicators) is blinking showing its charging it rarely charges . Sometimes it does charge up to 3-4 dots but then turns off after like 30 mins. And almost always even if it plugged in and charging it turns itself off.

So i already ordered a new usb charging port, Im wondering if i should order a new battery as well. Or is this something other than the port?


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It does sound like a battery that has gone bad, considering it appears to be charged up but doesn’t last long. If they are Li-Ion batteries, then letting them deplete too low too often can reduce the capacity quickly. Best to keep those batteries between 40% and 80% as much as possible.

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I don't think its the battery. A couple days ago i somehow managed to fully charge it and it held unplugged for about 10 hours. My problem is that even tho its plugged in it turns off. And just now it was plugged in showing only one dot blinking and then died. I took off the cable and put it back now it shows 3 dots charging and then suddenly died again.

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As they say, a broken clock is right twice a day. If the unit is indicating that it is charging, but you don't have power when off the cable; then the battery did not actually charge. The most likely culprit is the battery, but you can take it to a shop such as BatteriesPlus and see if they can test it for you.

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