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The Asus Transformer Book T100TA is a full Windows 8.1 hybrid tablet.

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Asus T100HA MicroUSB défectueux. Des idées?

Bonjour tout le monde,

J’ai une Asus T100HA avec un micro USB défectueux. Il était fragile au début, puis maintenant, ne fonctionne plus du tout. J’ai commandé la pièce, puis je l’ai soudé. Mais à mon avis - vu le manque de matériel spécifique - j’ai dû mal le faire. Donc, cela ne fonctionne toujours pas.

Y a t-il une autre possibilité de la recharger ?

Je pensais à :

  • Un autre port ?
  • Un moyen sans fil? A priori ca existe, mais ça doit être connecté au port micro usb…

Merci à vous !


Hi everyone,

I had a Asus T100HA with a dead micro usb charging port. First it was fragile, and now, it's dead. I had order another one (charging micro usb), but after I had replace it, same issue. I guess I don't have the correct tools to change it and maybe I have break the new one, or just miss-sold it.

Is there any possibilities to recharge it like :

- Other port ? (USB C?) - Wireless ? I have found some adapter, but need the micro usb part.

I was thinking at buy a wireless adapter, break it, and sold it directly to the battery. But not tested yet.

Someone have an idea ?

Thanks !

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Is there any damage done to MoBo? That also might be the case. And yeah, resoldering is better to be left to technicians, considering how small USB charging pins are.

Also you might jerryrig Qi Charging point and acceptor, but that requires a lot of stuff done properly.

And don’t think of trying different types of ports like USB-C… Otherwise you risk damaging your MoBo by sending current to wrong pin.

So basically, you are on that point where it’s better to leave diagnostics to repair technicians.

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