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In car sound system button stuck on Volume Up

The device in question is a Sony sound system for my vehicle. Model: CDX-CA900.

I’m having trouble turning it on anymore. At first I thought that the Source button (turns it on, it only has a few buttons) might be faulty. So I troubleshooted and reset the whole thing, and even did a continuity test on the button. Seems to work, but when I force it to work by putting a CD in to turn the system on, the volume goes up to maximum. I had a moment to put two and two together, and decided to do another continuity test on the volume up button to find it is permanently stuck on. At this point I’m assuming that is the reason I can’t turn the system on.

Any suggestions for a fix?

I’m seriously considering just soldering off the button and using the remote(s) instead.

Block Image

On the very right of the bottom part is the Off button.

Block Image

Left middle button is Source. Top button is Volume Up. Bottom button is Volume Down.

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Here’s a link to the service manual which may be of some help.

Here’s the Sony part number for the switch 1-771-883-11 (see p.43)

A brief search online failed to find a supplier of the part. You may have better luck.

You could always check here and see if there is a compatible replacement available

In the end your idea is probably the quickest option.

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Despite the effort, solutions like this is why I love to repair stuff.

- de

Probably a discontinued part. Would consider substituting it, but not worth the effort. Appreciate the amount of detail provided though.

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Wow...just noticed you hit 200K...Congrats!!!

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If the button is not physically stuck ‘down’ (you can still push it and feel the click) the internals are probably shot.

I would do exactly what you suggested: solder the button off the board (nothing to lose right?) and use the remote.

Good luck!

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Yeah I can make it click, so you're probably right about that.

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