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Repair guides and support for your Toshiba TV.

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Toshiba 55l711U18 - Computer keyboard hit display. Can iFixit?


Saturday morning I was grabbing my Steam Gaming PC keyboard and the cord snagged something and the corner of the keyboard impacted my TV. Can I repair it? With the display off, there is no sign of damage, but when it’s on and I press the trails of light it looks like a crack.

I am visually impaired and this old TV is way too small for me and my Gaming PC won’t even let me use it as a display (turns off just before Windows 10 finishes loading).

Toshiba 55l711U18 - Bought October 10, 2017 from Best Buy ( I didn’t purchase the extended warranty as I doubt it would have covered this). I hope it’s just a part that can be ordered to fix the display controller or something.

I don’t want a “Smart TV” as I just use it as a monitor nothing else


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Hello. Yes that looks like a crack in the lcd. It can’t be repaired itself…but it can be replaced.

You can replace the lcd screen in tvs…but it’s pretty difficult as a beginner. You could pay someone to do it as well.

It may be more cost effective to buy a new tv…

Best Buy geek squad quad does offer tv repair services. They would come out to your house.

it seems difficult to find that specific model panel replacement…sometimes repair places like geek squad have a special company that manufacturers displays for them.

Let me know if you have other questions.

sorry this happened to you. I know I’d be beyond angry. I hope you can get it repaired for cheaper than a new tv.

good luck!

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