My LG LFX33975ST is not cooling at all

My LG LFX33975ST is not cooling at all both Freezer and Fridge. The compressor was replaced today and it is still not cooling. The old compressor they took out was smoking literally. The fan in the back is working. There are no error codes. I even pressed “more ice” and “freezer” simultaneously still no error codes. What next? The PCB ? I pushed test on it once, I am not certain my board has blinking led lights?? The repair man comes back tomorrow. I was hoping to pin point the problem before he comes tomorrow. I can hear the compressor running.

Update (12/05/2018)

Purchased November 2013

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Also my coils were clean and I vacuumed under the fridge. I will post an update later today. Maybe the new compressor is bad, I think it may have momentarily cooled when it was installed I was not present.


So now we ordered another compressor. The new one came out smoking.


How old is it?


Purchased in November 2013 the new compressor came in the mail the repair man ordered additional parts, waiting for those parts then he will come back to install the compressor. I will share what additional parts were ordered when they arrive.


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