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La segunda generación de Google Pixel XL tiene una pantalla P-OLED de 6 pulgadas con esquinas redondeadas. Disponible en configuraciones de almacenamiento de 64 y 128 GB, y en dos colores: solo negro y blanco y negro. Lanzado el 19 de octubre de 2017.

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Screen not working after daughterboard replacement

I recently replaced the daughterboard (charging port) on a Pixel 2 XL. After reassembly, the screen stopped working on it. Other parts seem to work (vibration, speaker, etc) but nothing on the display. Ribbon cables seem to be in tact, but still nothing. Any tips on what to check next? Don't want to buy a new screen without knowing that's the issue.

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Plug your phone into a computer and see if a computer can at least recognize that your phone is plugged in. If a computer can recognize that your phone is plugged in then it is likely a screen issue. In those circumstances, replacing the screen should help.

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Be sure to follow all of those steps carefully to avoid “pry damage”!

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It's likely that you pried where you shouldn't have pried when you were trying to open the phone up. This particular phone has lots of these gotchas when it comes to repairs! It's important to either know what you are doing or to follow instructions diligently.

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The only thing I can find that's concerning after opening it back up, is a few marks/indents on the inside of the screen (copper?). I'm thinking that's the issue to the lack of display.

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That could indeed be pry damage on the display cables. That is likely why you are having issues!

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I took my Pixel 2XL to UbreakIFix and they couldn’t get the touch to work. They are Google certified for Pixel. Lol. Any suggestions? My phone works because my alarm goes off when I charge the phone, since I never got a chance to turn it off.

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