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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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I replaced the cracked LCD but the backlight doesn't turn on.

Will replacing the motherboard fix the Surface Pro 3 LCD backlight problem?

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There is a plastic bridge connector part that connects the ribbon cable for the screen to the logic board and has a screw to hold it in.

If that is missing the screen won't connect properly to the board. It's easy to lose that part when you unplug the screen.

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I'm well aware of that. The bridge is in place and I can see the display by shining a light on it. It is only the backlight that isn't working. Thanks anyway.

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I was going to try replacing the MB but found an entire unit missing only LCD and SSD for about the same cost. Means I will have a lot of small parts available for sale. Lew at Includes a new battery.

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It’s possible that your replacement screen is a dud too. Connect your Surface to an external monitor and see if anything shows up.

Update (11/24/2018)

Sounds like you scored a deal! Now you have spare parts for your surface if something else breaks. Hopefully a motherboard swap solves your problem.

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Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt. Screen works in another Pro 3.

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