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The Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 brings espresso creations to your home with the press of a button. Born in 2016 by Ninja, its Auto IQ 1-touch intelligence allows for custom and signature brews. With convenient pod-free single serve.

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Ninja coffee bar won’t stay on?

Turns off within a few seconds, clean light on, clean cycles don’t stay on?

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Just got my Ninja working from the same problem you describe. What I did: removed the bottom which exposes a flow meter. I removed and disassembled the flow meter to make sure the little wheel spun freely, and it seemed fine. I spent time examining and learning the guts of the machine, reassembled and tested the coffee maker. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!

ONE OF TWO THINGS IS GOING ON: 1. Either the flow meter was not turning, telling the machine to shut down. Or 2. The water in the piping somehow “vapor locked” keeping the water from flowing through to the flow meter.

OBSERVATION: During tear down and assembly I had the machine on it’s back top and sides and water leaked onto my bench.

What I would suggest trying: Before tearing into your machine, try laying the machine on it’s back, top and sides for a few minutes each, on a towel. If this is a vapor lock issue it may dislodge an air bubble in the tubing that might be causing the problem.

When I disassemble my machine I disconnected tubes to the flow meter that helped water to drain.

Let me know if this suggestion works.

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