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MacBook Pro won't hibernate automatically after battery replacement


I installed a new battery recently. My macbook recognises it, it works well and all, but when it gets close to being discharged (close to 5-3%) it suddenly shuts down (without hibernating). I tried the standard procedure to calibrate the battery (full charge + full discharge) but it didn’t work, despite several attempts.

Any advice?

Update (11/17/2018)

Here’s the screenshot you requested

Block Image

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mmm… I think you’re expecting more from your system than it was designed to do!

First I don’t recommend you deep cycle your system to this level. Each time you do you loose a cycle life! Your battery only has at best 1000 cycles. Recharging from such a level will cause your battery to heat up and a bit of the batteries electrolytic will boil off, even when the thermal control within the battery kicks in to reduce the extreme boil off which is when your battery blisters up and then can explode. Overtime it will still swell up while not to the extreme, it will cause stress to the system.

So why is your system not going into sleep? There are different sleep modes! Putting Your Mac in Sleep Mode

So you might be just getting into Hibernation Mode/Safe Sleep Vs Sleep given the deep discharge this makes sense!

Lets review your battery and the charging logic to make sure your battery is healthy. Install this gem of an app Coconutbattery paste a snapshot of the main window so we can see whats happening.

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Thank you Dan! Actually I meant that it won’t hibernate (I edited accordingly) – so that I lose all my work when it shuts down.

- de

Lets do a SMC reset How to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac As you have a new battery installed your SMC hasn't learned the new limits of your battery yet.

I would not let the system discharge beyond the 1/3 charged point then dropping down to 1/6th for the next few months as over time SMC will learn. You can speed things up a bit following this guide: Calibrate & Maintain Your MacBook battery for best performance

If your system is not going to sleep mode at all then you have a deeper issue.

- de

Thanks Dan and Aaron, but I already had reset the SMC ( it's the first thing I did after the battery misbehaved). I'll try to let the computer sit for 5h after the battery is discharged, as suggested on the link you sent. I'll let you know if it works!

- de

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