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Guías de reparación e información para la línea de tabletas 2 en 1 Surface Pro de Microsoft.

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Options for Precision screw removal tools for a Surface Pro Display

I am trying to get to the M2 ssd

Anyone know the best screw extraction kit to use for the bezel after removing the display on the surface pro? I have a link to the one that should work. I’m not sure if this kit includes the size for a T2 screw.

Block Image

Precision Screw Extractor Set

Imagen de Precision Screw Extractor Set


Precision Screw Extractor Set


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Are the screws still intact? Those extractors are for removing broken screws.

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^^ broken or stripped screws*

@kingspc I think the OP has stripped a screw because... well, look at the tags. "stripped screw".

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@ajcooke01 you're right, sorry.

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@kingspc nono, no worries! I was just reporting my observations and my knowledge.

Also, welcome to iFixit!

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@ajcooke01 Thanks!

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Those lil guys are great for removing stripped screws. They should come in the size you need too. I would be very surprised to say the least if those don’t work out for you.

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Excellent thank you AC! I'll give them a shot.

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No problem AG, tell me how it goes!

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