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Tablet PC de alto rendimiento de segunda generación lanzada por Apple en junio de 2017. Modelo A1670.

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Dropped on the floor, lost vol buttons/mic/camera/power button/speaker

I Dropped the iPad pro on the floor, Now volume buttons/mic/camera/power button/speaker near those all of them don’t work,

to summarize, all components on that corner don’t work …

What to look for? Thanks

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You will need to open it up and see if any of the flex cables are disconnected or if there is any damage to the logic board. However, this should not be taken lightly as the screen can be damaged if removed improperly and the replacement cost is very high. There’s not much info available but there is a good video guide here.

Unless you are very experienced in taking apart iPads, you may want to have this looked at by a shop that has done a lot of these.

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