Type cover keyboard unresponsive

My Type Cover keyboard stopped working one day. The lights are on when I turn on the Surface, but it just doesn’t respond to key nor touch commands.

At first I could make it work by slightly bending the top upwards, making it touch the screen. To do this I would simply put a small object (a pencil) under the keyboard, close to the connector. This somehow made it work again, but over time this hack stopped working.

Considering that this keyboard is designed to disable itself when circled to the back of the Surface to grab it like a tablet, and considering how odd it was that bending it fixed the problem for a while, I think whatever detector it has to detect this position is broken, somehow always reporting that the keyboard is in the “tablet position” so it should ignore all typing.

Anybody tried to tear it open? Its covered in some cloth, and given the repairability score this Surface has, I think it needs to be broken to see its insides. I want to check the area close to the connector for any magnetic thing like the Cover Mini has.


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