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Water spilled on my laptop, what do I do now?

I accidentally spilled water on my laptop(Asus r542uq-gq410t) and now some keys don't respond anymore. After the spill I turned it off, unplugged everything and dried it with a towel, but all of it a bit late(20 minutes after)

Now a day is gone and some keys still don't work. What can I do? My parents will kill me if they find out

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1 Respuesta

You must first turn this laptop off. The only possible repair would be cleaning by completely dismantling this laptop to get to the motherboard. At that time you must inspect and clean your motherboard with alcohol and a toothbrush. If you have access to a ultra sonic cleaner, you can also clean inside of that but I still suggest brushing off the visible corrosion on the board with a toothbrush and alcohol first and then putting it in the cleaner. After you have cleaned the board then you want to make sure it completely drys, I suggest using a dehydrator.

At this point you want to check the casing of the laptop and all the connectors that would connect to the motherboard coming from harddrive keyboard monitor etc. for corrosion and clean those off as well ( brush off with alcohol, dry off).

It's a long process but if done correctly and if you system isn't all ready damaged beyond repair you should be able to have a working computer that you may have to order only a couple part replacements vs and entire new computer.

I've successfully completed a liquid damage cleaning on macbook and PC’s. It's all about patience. But everytime is different and everytime isn't successful, if you dont feel comfortable definitely take it to a repair shop that you trust.

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