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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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My 8TB drive won't stay connected on USB3, but will on USB2

I have two 8TB WD Easystore drives. Both behave the same way. Connected to USB3, both are recognized and work, until there is no activity. Both go to sleep and disconnect. I get “drive disconnected” error on my Mac. I tried connecting them through a USB2 hub and they stay connected. I tried connecting one to the USB3 port on my ASUS wireless router. I set it up as TimeMachine storage. All was well, until the activity stopped. Then I got a “device not connected” error when TimeMachine tried to run again. Any help is appreciated.

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If you’re still suffering this problem it seems to be a known issue documented on WD’s site:

WD USB 3.0 hard drives disconnect or disappear when connected to a USB 3.0 hub

Unless this is a common problem with all USB 3 drives I would of said the problem is with the WD drive for which an update should be issued for that, but hey you can try their suggestion.

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Some WD documents suggest formatting their external drive products to a MAC filesystem type if you have connectivity issues. I realize that is a bad solution if you want the data to be portable to other systems. Also pretty inconvenient if you already have data on it as it sound like you do.

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