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Modelo A1224 / principios de 2009 / 2.66 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo

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Why is my screen has a high contrast even when turning it down?

I just saved this old mac from being thrown into the garbage by my college surplus store and fixed it up. However, every time I boot it up, it has a whitish screen and then I have to put it to sleep for a few minutes and it will look fine. Is there an issue with the lcd or video card?

Block Image

Block Image

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Sadly your logic board has a problem. I suspect one or more of the caps or solder joints in the GPU logic has degraded so it needs a bit of time to warm up to work.

Your logic board has the GPU chip mounted onto the main logic board it doesn’t have the MXM GPU daughter board design.

I would leave things alone and live with it. If you really want to fix this it will take someone with good board level diagnostic skills.

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