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El Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (llamado Note5) es un teléfono de estilo phablet, fabricado por Samsung, lanzado en agosto de 2015.

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Samsung Note 5 Wont power on! Or charge!

Hi all, Yesterday i repaired my old note 5 ( new screens and battery ) ive used it all day today without issue, untill i got home and the S-PEN had broken inside off it and i was trying to get it out, i tried tapping on the bottom off the phone trying to get the pen out and then the phone turnt off and started to boot up again and then turnt back off, i have just opened the phone to find the new battery cable had snapped off the battery, i have put my old battery back in but still wont turn on, or show up on computer. Can anyone tell me why this is and how to fix it? Could the battery cable snapping fried the mother board some how? Thanks

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I would think that the battery cable is not the issue.

Plug the phone in to the wall charger and let it charge for at least one hour before then trying to turn it on again. PC’s only provide low voltage charge, if the battery is ultra flat it won’t charge/won’t be recognised by the PC.

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Wow, thank you so much, ive tried plugging it in a couple off times with nothing, but i just got your answer and plugged it in and i am now getting the charging icon!

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excellent, If it charges and phone works, you may just be able to use the old battery unless you were changing it because you had issues. My S5 note battery is still excellent. Good luck.

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i ever encounter this wont turn on no matter how pple suggst press all button to turn on it wont work _ till so i did an battery change once , let the battery drain and i disconnect the connector and press it back in case loose connection . , it work again after i put them .back . today i encounter second time .

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