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Manuales de reparación y soporte para portátiles fabricados por LG.

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I need to fix my laptop very urgently

Hi I am at Johor Bahru of Malaysia next to Singapore.

I bought LG Laptop last July and I found my LCD is broken this morning.

I need the data inside asap. Please help me to repair where….

I found one repair center in your home page and I called with they are not repair center of LG. Frustrating…

Please hurry…

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Let's slow down for one second here. What is the model number of your laptop?

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If it's a proper laptop and not one of these convertible tablets you can almost certainly take the hard disk out and attach it to another computer with a SATA-USB adapter (cheap on eBay) in order to recover your data.

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If it has a removable HDD/SSD, you can open it up and remove the drive, then read and copy the contents off on a different computer. What’s the model of the laptop?

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