Replaced LCD of A1502 EMC2835 to a A1502 EMC2875 now I have an issue

I replaced the whole LCD assembly of a A1502 EMC-2835 with a A1502 EMC-2875 and this is my experience.


  • No drops
  • No water damage
  • Normal adult usage, mostly on office desk, rarely moved it.

The reason i wanted to swap my original LCD was due an issue, from the lower half of the screen the image will flicker/freeze, but only the lower part of the screen, top part worked flawless. Troubleshooted

  • Reseting PRAM
  • Reseting SMC
  • Restored
  • Replaced the LVDS ribbon hinge cable from the LCD to the motherboard but also didn’t fixed the issue.
  • Connected an external monitor and had no image flickering/freezing issue

I was almost certain that i had a bad LCD.

What i did

Replaced the whole display assembly with an older MacBook Pro Retina A1502 EMC-2875

It will work.. Im using it right now and has been used for a month, but i had experienced only one issue so far.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth will work perfectly, great range but not as good as the original screen.
  • iSight Camera will work
  • Backlight intensity will increase and decrease ok
  • All available display resolutions will work ok


When i turn it on, I can hear the chime and the Apple logo will be displayed but no backlight, until 30 seconds approximate the backlight will turn on and the screen will work ok.

What has been done so far in order to TRY and fix this issue.

  • Reset PRAM
  • Reset SMC
  • Upgraded to Mojave

No luck.

Tried to downgrade, but when trying to access recovery mode, the backlight of the screen will keep off. Until you restart it and skip recovery mode, the LCD will turn on once you get to the user log in screen with no issue.

If anyone has a solution or any idea of what i can do to fix this, will be really appreciated.

PS. Went to apple and tried warranty or to get it fixed… Genius Bar estimated a quote around $1,200USD Since they wanted to swapped my LCD, bottom case and other stuff regarding the motherboard.

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