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Repair and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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Haier Chromebook HR-116R - how to extract any data

Hi. My laptop was broken. Spilled coffee on it .Can’t turn this on. Went to guarantee service and they say it’s dead. Do someone know how to extract any data from it anyway ? Maybe I can put the ssd from it to another computer or something if it’s still work. Help!

My laptop is Haier Chromebook HR-116R

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You can extract your ssd and try to get info from it using other laptop/ pc but if it was damaged buy liquid too it can become a problem. If your ssd is broken you won’t extract data by yourself. Try this, and if I won’t work - go to some data recovery company, they usually do all this stuff easily. I used this on time - - but you can just google, there is a lot of other companies.

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