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El Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller es un controlador de videojuegos producido por Nintendo en 2012 para la consola de videojuegos Wii U.

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Wii U Pro Controller will not do anything at all

I recently just had a Wii U Pro Controller delivered to me which was faulty. It’s Left Analog Stick had a weird problem (it would stay in up position, is easier to push up) and I also noticed the sticks were heavy and it wouldn’t sync. The four blue L.E.Ds were not working. Luckily it did charge, but it didn’t seem it could hold one.

I got a refund and now I have a new problem. The controller won’t do anything, not even charge. Everything works as intended by Nintendo. The problem is: When I press the HOME Button, nothing happens. When I press the SYNC Button, nothing happens. When I charge the controller, nothing happens. What’s supposed to happen is: When you hit the HOME Button, it shows the controller’s battery level in four blue L.E.Ds. When you hit the SYNC button, it should look for the nearest Wii U using Bluetooth. When you charge the controller, a orange light should appear at the top.

Please help me. This is the second faulty controller I’ve ordered and I have been given 2. In the last problem I saw a forum but it didn’t cover my problem. In this problem I saw the same forum and it still didn’t cover my problem. I ordered both the controllers 2nd hand from (the first one a delivery, the second one a refund) and both of them have their own problems. If you’ve had this problem too, please tell me.

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I found out what happened. The controller wasn’t faulty - it was the USB! Luckily I had a DualShock 3 USB which uses the same input. Now I can use my controller. Even though nobody solved this.

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