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Repair guides and support for televisions manufactured by Panasonic.

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TV turns on, solid red power LED, no picture, no sound. Fans run, gree

I have a TH-46PZ80U plasma TV that has been in a heated storage unit for the last couple of years. I recently moved and set the tv up in the bedroom. The TV turned on, however once I shut it off, it would not not turn on and gave me the single blinking red light. After troubleshooting the unit, I found that the main board was bad. I purchased a new one, replaced it and the tv worked fine for a couple of days. Now the TV has no sound, no picture and a steady red power LED. Troubleshooting has me believing that the power supply board is now malfunctioning. Can someone help? Both green LEDs are on the drive boards, all three fans are running. No picture, no sound.

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try unplugging it then plugging it back in

Update (10/26/2018)

try checking for bad connections/ wires

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If you have read what I have written, you will notice that the set has had AC power applied to it multiple times. I had already mentioned that I had replaced 1 board and had success for a few days. No I have no sound, no audio once again and a SOLID AC power on red led. In addition I have High voltage to the drive boards as indicated by the lit GREEN LED’s. Thank you for the answer, however it is something much more than applying AC power after being unplugged.

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