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Fixes and troubleshooting for all kinds of UAV problems.

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What have I done to my drone?

I recently purchased X5C-1,great little drone for a learner like me..I saw a vid using a phone battery to extend flight time.I tried this and although things looked well,phone battery was charged, connection good,when trying to take off the power only lasted seconds before completely dead…Gave it up as a bad job and reconnected back as was,now what appears to be a fully charged original battery is doing the same thing,10 seconds then nothing.. Have I been a complete humpty?..

Any help would be great folks,as I said I'm a nube at this.

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dude you need the right battery otherwise you can screw it up

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Got that part..was hoping to find out what specific problem could be,,eg.did I burn something out if so what?.. internal fuse?..a transmitter?…any clues what to test for folks?

- de

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