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black things in the ice

my fridge's ice maker makes ice but there's black things on the ice. it looks like paint chips, mainly on the outside but some just below the surface.

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3 Respuestas

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If you find black or gray specks in your ice cubes, have a look at the ice cube tray. If the protective coating is peeling away, the most economical solution is to completely replace the ice maker.

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Changed one out today that is 2 years old and that coating is slowly coming off and the new one i had to replace it looked like it already had rusty spots so it'll fail too. Fixing to tell Electrolux that when they call back and tell me its happening again i will have to have a refund.

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It could also be a washer in the shut off valve downstream from the ice maker. Washers eventually disintegrate, and the sediment will end up in the ice. If it's rubber or neoprene pieces, they are harmless. Proving what it is, or where it came from is difficult. Do you know anybody in a lab who can analyze the specks? You could also put a small in-line filter in the 1/4" feed line to the fridge.

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No i can see where the coating is coming off on the icemaker cube slots.

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