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El PC portátil HP Pavilion dv2000 es una PC basado en entretenimiento producida en 2007.

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screen was not switching ON

I facing different problem. In back round it was on, but screen was not switching ON.please tell something to solve this problem.

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Hi @sree1810 ,

I've moved your comment to a new question as you have said that you have a different problem.

Please verify the make and model number of your laptop.

What OS is installed?

Has anything happened that you think may have caused the problem, e.g. laptop dropped, got wet, occurred after update etc.?

Try starting the laptop in "safe mode" to see if it works OK. Check online for how to start your particular Windows OS in safe mode as it varies slightly depending on OS (Win 7, 8.1 10) installed.

Any relevant information will help us to help you

- de

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Make sure that your screen cables are plugged in properly

Is your backlight on?

Try connecting to an external monitor

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My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks

- de

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