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The 5th generation BMW 3 Series is based on the E9X platform. The car pictured is a E90 chassis. The E9X chassis was used from 2004-2013 when the F1X chassis was released. When talking about a non-specific chassis, this generation is typically referred to as the E9X chassis since there are multiple chassis for this generation of 3 series, depending on the body style (E90/E91/E92/E93).

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Reverse Lights not working

hi i need help im driving a Bmw  e90 320i msport 2007 model, i have checked everything and i was told that it doesnt have a reverse switch or fuse for i thought if it did  i would replace the reverse light switch or fuse . please advise what to do

Update (10/05/2018)

sory forgot to mention its an automatic transmission

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Hi, Lance. You may have a failed or out of adjustment neutral safety switch. This switch is how the car knows electrically which gear you are in. If the bulbs themselves are good, and there is no fuse, I would start there.

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