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Crazy max capacity reading on battery

The battery for my old G4 iBook wouldn't hold a charge, so I replaced it. But I've been puzzled about the weird readings I was getting on the bad battery. Using either MiniBatteryLogger or Battery Health Monitor, I could see the capacity of the battery would range from 57800 to 60360 mAh. Clearly that makes no sense -- it's an original Apple battery that should clock in at 4400, I think.

I don't have any hopes of reviving this battery. But I'm just curious if anyone might know why it would give such a crazy reading.

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I don't know what causes this, but I've seen many batteries do it, and some of them even worked fine despite the crazy readings. It's definitely not a hardware problem with the computer, because it's battery specific and the next battery you put in may not have that issue, as you have seen.

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Could be a bad DC-in, or just an aging logic board.

Strangely enough, I have a vague recollection of someone posting something similar here some time.

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Thanks for the reply! But I don't think it's either of those things, since the replacement battery works fine and shows normal readings. I'm pretty certain it's something with the first battery itself, not the computer.

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well if it's OEM then that would be very strange.

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