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Sanyo VPC-X1250 lens error , lens wont open or shut

Purchase this camers at walmart in may 2010 for my granddaughter. worked great now the lens wont open or shut and it says lens error.

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i edited your question to include the camera model, you might find something helpful in the x1200 guides?Sanyo VPC-X1200 Repair . also the battery should be there it's just not your usual AA batteries but a flat rectangular one in the base or side of the camera..

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Try below or here for Camera Repair

What model is it?

When/how/first noticed did it happen?

Any signs of warning?

What size and type batteries are recommended? Most digital cameras work best and longest on Lithium Ion type. Some cameras have more than 1 type/shape battery in a different place from the main ones. Heavy duty batteries are problematic.

The lens usually sticks open or closed...

What else is not working, or working?

Assuming no damage-dropped, wet, dirt/sand: Turn camera off, remove battery, and any media cards for a minute or so.

Clean any corrosion/rust or other material off battery terminals using pencil eraser.

Reinstall known good batteries after waiting for the camera to clear its head. Don't reinstall card(s). YOu may be prompted to tell camera to use internal memory.

Say yes to a question like this.

Check operation.

If it works ok, then reinstall same cards, one at a time, then check after each change.

good luck!

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The camera is aa Sanyo VPC-x1250 It doesnt use a battery you just plug in cord and charge. This camera worked fine then the lens stuck. it says lens error when you turn it on.

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