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This is an 8.0 mega-pixel digital camera with waterproof and shock resistant capabilities. It also includes features such as 3X optical zoom and face detection.

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Replace the HyperCrystal LCD Screen

Can I replace the HyperCrystal LCD screen on my Olympus Stylus 850SW camera?

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Mine does not have the flip screen, but if a replacement can’t be found, I guess it’s really not an option! I now have two cameras with dead LCD screens. :(

Thanks Aaron for the video, I hadn’t found one yet.

I Love this camera! My first one lasted 8+ years. The second came with a bad screen. The 3rd one has lasted ~2 years. The newest one arrived with a bad screen. I’m striking out!

- de

You’re very welcome! It may just be time for a new camera. Replacement parts for this model of camera are scarce to none for availibility. If you would like a positive referral for a different camera I am happy to provide it if you wish.

- de

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There is a video on how to do this replacement, but I cannot source a part. Maybe someone can source a part for this camera.

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