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Strange screen problems after screen replacement

I replaced my brothers iPhone screen for him and after booting the phone back up I noticed strange lines and black bar going down the screen. I have replaced screens lots of times and this has never happened.

What is weird is when I press the power button to turn the screen off and turn it back on the screen is fine but when I leave the phone down for a few minutes and turn it back on the screen displays the lines again.

I have attached pictures for reference.

If anybody has any suggestions or ideas it would be greatly appreciated.


Block Image

Block Image

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That’s usually caused by a defective replacement screen. Try re-installing, or at least connecting, the original screen if it was still functional. If the problem doesn’t appear on the original, then the issue is with the replacement screen.

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Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately my brother doesn't take good care of his phone so the old screen was smashed to bits, I even had to replace the housing so I don't have a spare screen to try this out.

I will try contact the seller who sold me the screen if it could be faulty and see what they say.

Thanks again.


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