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Guias de reparacion para varias marcas de computadoras laptops de PC.

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help! immediate! mayo in my usb

Ok so basically I bought my friend mayo and it broke while in my bag. It went into my laptop but luckily my laptop was closed! I thought it was fine but it went into my USB port and won’t go on! HELP I HAVE ALL MY WORK ON THIS LAPTOP!!! IM IN HIGHSCHOOL AND OMG

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If your greatest concern is losing the work, you can always opt to remove and transplant the drive. They are usually quite accessible, even in newer models.


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Try cleaning the USB port using a toothpick covered with a tissue. It would be great if you had something like isopropyl alcohol to dip that tissue in, but rubbing alcohol will do too. Just make sure to remove all that mayo inside that port and don’t forget to remove the battery of your laptop or to unplug it while fiddling inside the USB port. Check the other ports of your laptop, see if any mayo got in there. Make sure that mayo did not get to the main board trough the vent holes or trough the keyboard.

If this can’t fix your laptop, consider tearing it apart and checking it for further damage or at least bring it to a repair shop, see if they can help.

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I already cleaned inside and I took it apart to clean too but it won’t do anything so my next question is how much do you think would it be to repair ?


It greatly depends on the extent of the damage, but I think 100-200$ could be realistic, if the damage is not too great, but they might ask for a lot more if they have to replace the motherboard for instance - in this case it might be better to just buy a new laptop and ask that repair shop to rescue the data off your drive (although you can do this by yourself as well if you have access to another computer and get one of these handy adapters for the hard drive: )


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