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Lanzado el 19 de septiembre de 2014, este iPhone de pantalla de 5.5" es la versión más grande del iPhone 6.

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Is this a long screw damage? how do I fix it?

Does anyone could do me a favor on this? how do i fix it?

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You’ve got a lot going on with that board. Water damage, a ripped off screw bracket, and then we don’t know if you have classic lsd or not (the bottom left hole). Start by telling us what is wrong with the device—-does it turn on? is it recognized by iTunes? Does it produce image and/or backlight? Where did you get it, and what has already been done to it.

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everything was just fine before with the phone..itunes n all were working well except for the power button.wanted to change the power button than this happen ( the top right screw bracket)

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The damage at the top right screw bracket looks horrible, but that is probably the least of your worries with this board. I don't think that there are any major traces that would have been running under that bracket, certainly nothing that would prevent the phone from booting. The obviously missing stuff is just ground.

If the phone was working and the recent history is "I attempted to change the power flex, I removed the board and this happened" Then your next step is to see if it will still boot, charge, be recognized by iTunes and produce image.

A usb ammeter would help--it would tell you if the phone was consuming normal charging current, if so, then you could allow it to sit and be sure that it was charging, and then see if it could be detected by iTunes.

If it is not detected by iTunes, then you'd be troubleshooting a no boot board which would require a dc power supply and a multimeter---at that point you'd be crossing out of DIY repair unless you were really into it.

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