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New screen replacement not working

I have recently tried to fit a new screen on my iPhone 7. The screen at the moment is broken but everything still works fine. When fitting the new screen it won’t go past the black screen with the white apple logo and keeps resetting itself.

I have tried the screen on its own.

with the home button on its own

with the front camera flex on its own.

And with both fitted.

when I put them both back on the old screen they both work fine and phone boots up straight away.

could this just be a faulty screen or is there a significant delay in the screen installing itself or something along those lines?

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It is probably a faulty display, did you buy the display from iFixit?

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No it was another place but I get all my screens from them and never had a fault like this before and also this is my first iPhone 7! Just wondered if there could be a delay in the screen turning on with a new installed one

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You can’t run a business with those prices!

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@jbmobilerepairs You run a business? I didn’t know that...

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Even if I didn’t they are very high prices! Might aswell just pay apple haha

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Based on your troubleshooting, everything points to this being a screen problem. A bad Home Button can cause a long bootup but if it works properly on the original/cracked screen, then it isn’t a HB issue.

I would contact your vendor/supplier and see what they can do about that screen.

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Sounds like you have a defective screen. However—”I can’t run a business with those prices” is really really uncool in my opinion. Why don’t you go post this question on your supplier’s free public forum?

If you’re going to go to a store and try out all their stuff, then leave without paying for anything and order the same stuff they sell from Cheap Place R Us, then you DON”T get to ##&&% about their prices.

Also, to be fair @ajcooke01 Aaron Cooke—-iFixit does not sell “only known good” parts—-they sell defects just like everyone else. But you’re right that they put a lot of resources into customer service and usually returns are no problem. I’m nit picking on this because I wouldn’t want anyone to be troubleshooting a problem like Jake here and assume that ‘it can’t be the part’ on the assumption that iFixit parts are magically all “known good” They’re not.

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@jessabethany @oldturkey03 and @refectio corrected me on this too so yeah I know. Been told that about 4-5 times alr. I won’t say it next time tired of being shamed lol.

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