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no power, no stanby light

checked main board ? Hdmi chips fried by surge.  changed board.  Still no power.  Main fuse is good. Power supply bad ?

Update (09/10/2018)

Block Image

. Here is the main board by HDMI in

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measure power supply board output to ensure it is giving correct voltages.


All caps look good. No bulging or leaking. Small burn mark by HDMI in (not USB) on main board. Figured power supply would still be good. I can't figure out which pin is standby power. Can I safely meter all pins coming off power supply to main board ?? Fuse is good.


Swapped out power supply and TV fired up. Easy fix. Now I can practice with the old board. Maybe I can fix it ??


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Jon Wesley  right now you are a bit all over the the place. If you have no power and no standby voltage, your T-con board etc., will not have anything to do with this. Your “usb chips fried by surge “ those are on the main board. Is that waht you replaced. If so, your next subject would be a bad power board. Post some good pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that

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Thank you. Yes, I replaced main board. Still no power or standby light. Ordered new power supply board, will arrive this week. Can't see any defect in the old one, but for 30$ it seemed like the next logical step. I was wondering how a power surge through the HDMI port could damage power supply? Tiny chips by HDMI are def burned. Owner said Xbox that was connected is dead as well.


This can happen because the main board is connected to the power board. So if one board get's hit it may destroy the other one as well.


Seems logical, I'm surprised I can't see the damage. I'm picking up a better meter in order to get some more info.


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