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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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What indicates the battery is charged?

I bought the speaker a few weeks ago and I've been using is quite frequently.

I never charged it fully the first time and I've just been charging it until the 5th LED has been blinking.

I tried to get it to full charge today charging for more than 4 hours and this resulted in the LEDs turning off all together. Does this mean it is fully charged?

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Usually this is the case. The LEDs will flash while it is charging and then turn off when it is done. Odd behavior, I know. Especially while it’s connected to a power supply.

To check the battery level, press the volume up or down button while it’s not charging or playing music. The row of LEDs will light up momentarily, corresponding to the battery level.

There’s also a phone app from JBL that will give you more information and control over your speaker.

Hope this helps!

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