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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is known by different models depending on the features. Regular model: SM-T580 (WiFi), SM-T585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in May 2016 or S-Pen model: SM-P580 (WiFi), SM-P585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in September 2016. It is a 10.1- inch tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics and their new high-end “A” series.

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My tab a isnt charging

my Samsung tab A isn't charging. if I buy a new motherboard, does it come with a new charge port

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Hi @gav_27 ,

Have you tried the following to prove that the systemboard is faulty and needs to be replaced?

Tried different chargers, charger cords, connecting it to a computer to see if charging occurs

Used a strong light and a magnifying glass to visually inspect the charge port for damage.

How have you proved that the systemboard is the problem?

If you’re wanting to replace the systemboard, have you already opened the tablet to check that the charge port is not just loose or disconnected from the systemboard?

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Charging Port Replacement guide which should help to to check if this may be the problem.

If the port is damaged you can find replacement connectors online. Just search for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T585 T580 charge port to get results.

There are also videos online showing how to replace the port if the ifixit guide isn’t enough.

If it is only a charge port repair or replacement and you don’t have the necessary tools or expertise to perform the work, take the replacement part (if it is necessary) and the systemboard to a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and get them to do it for you. Given that they only have to remove the old port ( if damaged) or resolder it (if still connected but loose) or replace it with the new part (if old port faulty) and not disassemble / reassemble the tablet, the cost shouldn’t be that much.

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Thanks Jayeff, I have tried most of what you have suggested. I don't have soldering iron to do the replacement port myself and was just seeing if a new borad would come with a port attached as the next option. For how much a new board would cost to taking it to a shop that fixes things, cost wise I prefer to replace the board

- de

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