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Phone not turning on after falling

Yesterday, my phone fell down while using. Now when i’m trying to turn on, it won’t. I need to hit the back panel or press the center part of the screen to turn it on.

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Seeing as how this is an iPhone 5C, it’s probably not the first time it has take a fall :>).

This could be as simple as a partially disconnected connector or as complex as a logic board issue. You could start by opening the device to see if everything is connected properly. If that looks good, then try to connect it to an iTunes enabled computer . If iTunes can see the device, then the issue may be screen related only. If iTunes can’t see the device, then it could be logic board related.

To properly troubleshoot this issue, you will eventually need access to some known-good replacement parts or find a shop that will be willing to do the troubleshooting for you.

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Yes it is a second hand phone. I will follow your instruction and hope it works.

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Try opening up your phone and try to disconnect and connect again the battery ribbon.

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