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dash lights how to repalce them on my 911 sc

how do i change light bubs in dash on my 1980 911 sc


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“On the 911SCs and later, only the rubber collar around each one holds the instruments, and they can be pulled or pried out from the driver's seat. If an instrument is stubborn, I use a stiff putty knife to pry it out, with a piece of wood (paint stir stick works well) to protect the dash from dings. Once you have an instrument out, you can reach behind the others and easily push them out.

     It is not necessary or desirable to completely remove or disconnect each instrument. Just pull it out far enough to access the light bulb holders. The fuel/oil tank combination gauge and clock have one light bulb each, and the other three gauges have two light bulbs each. Use a tiny screwdriver to pry the bulbholders from the instrument-don't pull on the wire. The bulbs are bayonet mount, so just push in slightly and rotate the bulb to remove it from the holder. Replace the bulbs with new 12 volt, 2 watt bulbs” from here

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