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won't stay powered on

this system has been in storage for 12 years. i powered it up today. the red stand by light comes on, indicating system not on. when i press any of the disc or am/fm buttons, the display lights up indicating system on, but the goes back to system off mode in a few seconds. something i’m missing?

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@sarah_rver is your system a JVC TH-M303?

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yes it is. had it for 13 years

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@sarah_rver just to clarify, it turns on but after a few minutes it turns off. Any LED lights on or any sign of life when it turns off?

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Neither the user nor service manuals provide any particular clues based upon what you have described. Therefore, I must start with the typical failure. Disconnect the speakers and try again. I expect that the unit will power up normally.

You can reference the service manual here:

The main power amp resides inside the subwoofer. Check to see if there is a protect light on the subwoofer.

If there is a light or the unit only “works” with the subwoofer disconnected, I would suspect that one of the amp chips inside the subwoofer is defective and further investigation is required. There are 2 large black amp-packs inside the subwoofer (STK413-400 and STK413-=430). One or both of these may be defective.

Try removing the speaker connections and report the results here.


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