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The Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop manufactured by MSI. The GS63VR 6RF is a 15.6" model, released in 2016.

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My screen is making a white and green space

Need a part from my msi gs63 stealth -010

The screen has color damage on the right side making a greens and white box that is annoying to look at when using it . Only appears during dark scenes on the screen such as a black background

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help us with an image of the error you are facing

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Hi @amal82 ,

Connect an external monitor to the laptop to prove whether the fault is in the laptop's LCD display (or video cable) or whether perhaps the problem is with the GPU or motherboard.

If the external monitor's display is OK then yes you may have a faulty LCD panel (or video cable).

If it also exhibits the same problem then you have a GPU or motherboard problem

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