Lenovo ThinkPad T470s upgrade LCD panel from FHD touch to WQHD touch

I have a Lenovo T470s with multi-touch (MODEL: 20HG-S0DT00). The stock screen is only 250 nits. It uses Incell touch, not a separate touch digitizer. I want to replace this with a much brighter WQHD touch screen.

I believe this upgrade is possible because people have upgraded this model to the WQHD non-touch screen by upgrading the LCD panel, the display cable and the back cover. All T470s motherboards are 4 lane capable.

Some T470s models came with a WQHD non-touch screen, and some came with FHD multi-touch, but none came with WQHD touch panels.

I believe I will need to purchase the LCD panel, possibly a touch digitizer, a cable and, I’m told, the LCD back cover for the WQHD model.

LCD Back Cover Rear Lid: Lenovo FRU 01ER090

I do not yet know the Lenovo FRU (part number) for the cable. It might be one of these:

  • 00UR903
  • 01ER362
  • 00UR901

I also need a recommendation for a 14” WQHD touch panel that will work.

My backup plan B would be to use a brighter FHD touch screen such as ChiMei N140HCE-EN1, 1920x1080, 14", 30 pin, 355 nits from the Asus Zenbook. In that case, I do not know which cable to use. I think that panel uses a separate touch digitizer.

Does anyone want to assist me with this?

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Still looking for any assistance with this. Thanks

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