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The Xbox One Model 1698 Wireless Controller was released by Microsoft in 2015 alongside Model 1697. It has more features than a basic controller, such as, removable thumbsticks and metal D-Pad buttons. The controller is primarily designed for use on a console, but it can also be used as a PC controller.

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Random button presses of X /B?

I dropped my Xbox Elite controller and it landed on its front, ever since the buttons X and B have not been working normally, X randomly holds down every ~15 seconds and B presses roughly every 10 seconds and does not allow me to manually press it half of the time. Anyone have a similar problem that could help me?

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you can reset the controller’s configuration by using an office pin , broom or something straight and thin to press the reset hole behind the controller

and if that didn’t fix it

update it from your xbox live either on the xbox or pc using a usb you

or reset it back to default from the xbox live app

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