The Xbox One Wireless Controller 1697 was released in 2015 and replaced the 1537 controller and fixes some of the problems found on Model 1537 controllers. The Model 1697 controller includes an integrated 3.5mm headset jack, which allows compatibility with most 3rd party headsets without an adapter. This controller has been discontinued and replaced by the Model 1708 controller.

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Why is my right trigger always activated even when i'm not pressing it

My right trigger has been like this for a year now i am going to open it up once i get the tools and i am wondering if anyone knows what is wrong and how to fix it.


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If the right trigger is faulty . When you open it up , you will notice that the trigger makes contact with part of the board ,it may be spring that the trigger makes contact with maybe faulty or maybe need to be cleaned out .if u do open it up try n use 99% alcohol to clean it out of it is messed up . Also the part the trigger makes contact with may be going bad especially if it acting with out you touching it.

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