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Released in 2011, with a 14" screen and Windows OS

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Why is the fan (Yes, the FAN) overheating on my laptop?

The fan exhaust area on my Acer Aspire Timeline X is overheating sometimes. Once the fan warms up, the other parts (CPU, Hard Drive) start overheating too. This worries me. Since this laptop performs fine while gaming, and using Windows 10 is no problem for the fan, I really don’t know what’s going on.

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IncineratorGaming  absolutely do those fan motors wear out. Use these guides Acer Aspire TimelineX 4830T-6682 Repair to get to the fan and the air intake ducts. Clean all of those out. I would definitely replace the fan since it has heated up already and may be getting ready to fail in the near future.

Or of course you can always check youtube for something like this

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Umm...there’s no guide on replacing a fan.


IncineratorGaming you are right. Those guides will get you into your computer. Sometimes you have to improvise when doing repairs. Manufactuers do not supply much help, so a lot of this is done by actual trial and error.


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