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Apple Headset (Earpod/other Headset) microphone doesn't work on PC


My Apple headset and earpods microphone does not work on my windows PC. The audio is fine whether I plug the 3.5mm TRRS plug directly in or use a splitter to split it to Mic and Headphones however the microphone doesn’t work either way. FYI the splitter should be in the CTIA  format.

I have tried increasing the volume and boost for the microphone with zero effect. (FYI the computer does detect the microphone but no sound is inputted). When I do press a button on the earpods or headset it does appear to send a signal to the microphone and if you set the headphones or speakers to play out the input from the mic you year a pop then nothing.

Alternatively using an android headset into the splitter works for both audio and microphone.

What is wrong and how can I fix this/can I fix this?

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So the iPod Earpods or other 3.5mm headphones that use the 4-pole jack also known as TRRS as you’ve said require a headphone jack that is TRRS / 4-pole compatible or an adapter that splits the speaker and microphone into separate channels.

You need something like this in order to get mic and speaker both working on those:

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I know this is old but he did say he have a splitter, yet your recommend him to buy a splitter. What???

I have the same issue he has. Perfectly described I can not add more, just that I am seeking for a solution for 1 year+ and nothing. I already tried 2 different cables since then. One CTIA splitter and one OMTP splitter. The only option left is buying an external sound card with a TRRS plug, but I don't want to spend any more money trying out hipotethical solutions that does not work in practice. I bought an Urbanite XL I intended to use to gaming and Mac/iOS, but seems like the only real solution is having to buy to separate headphones thanks to Apple. Thank you Apple.


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