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Audio cutting out with speaker?

Help needed!

I know this is a common problem, but I'm looking for a solution. On my iPhone 7, when using the lightning to 3.5mm adapter, the audio keeps cutting out. I am not actually using headphones, I am using a speaker. I thought about trying buying a third party adapter? Any thoughts on this?

It's driving me nuts, so any solutions would be much appreciated.


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Linking together ‘iPhone 7” and “audio” in the same sentence is a red flag for the classic problem—-iPhone 7/7+ audio ic Master Clock line failure. This is a very common fault and it shares the same underlying biology as the now epidemic iPhone 6+ touch disease.

In the 7/7+ the normal use of the flexy/bendy iPhone pulls and tugs on the logic board since it is screwed down into the housing (as opposed to similar large phones from other manufacturers where the board floats in the housing). Over time, that flexion will cause a weakening/lifting/separation of the C12 pad under the audio ic that controls the master clock function of that chip. The result—- a wide array of individual symptoms of audio-related faults such as:

iPhone 7/7+ audio ic master clock fault symptom list (can be any or all):

Grayed out voice memos

Callers can’t hear you on calls

Audio static

Siri can’t hear you

Headphones not working

Long boot time (3-5 minutes)

Hangs at Apple logo

Laggy touch when it does boot (with older iOS versions)

Of course you should rule out parts first—-try a new dock and known good headphones. But if the problem persists, then head to your local microsolderer or mail in repair service for the iPhone 7 audio ic solution—-running a microjumper at the C12 pad to strengthen it, then reinstalling your audio ic on top of the jumper.

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@jessabethany Alright so, this very common problem of audio cutting out could only be solved by fixing the audio IC?

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@jessabethany And if I went to Apple with your answer, would they be able to help? The phone isn't even a month old.

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If the phone is under warranty then sure, they will replace it with a different refurbished iPhone 7. They for sure won't fix that one.

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@jessabethany Even if the phone is on contract? (Not bought directly from Apple).

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Apple doesn't do repair, and they will look at you as if you have two heads if you were to even suggest that microsoldering the logic board was at all possible by anyone. And yet, the independent repair community has been fixing this issue for months having collectively repairs tens of thousands of handsets, and heavens knows how many more with the classic iPhone 6 plus touch disease fault that has the same underlying biology.

If you want it fixed, you'll need to find a local cell phone repair shop that does microsoldering, or mail it out to a mail in logic board repair service--iPad Rehab is not the only one, but if you need help you can certainly send it to us. I have just finished a stack of three this morning with the exact same problem.

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