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Screen dark after replacement

I attempted a diy repair on my iPhone 8 Plus. I am on a sprint flex lease and I was wondering what could be done to fix my phone. I did a screen replacement and the bottom left of the screen is darker than the rest of the screen. I bought a second replacement screen and tried it and it still is dark in the same spot. Also, the earpiece has not worked on either, even after having the second screen having it preinstalled. I am not in the best situation when it comes to money so any info is helpful to me, thank all of you.

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I am mostly concerned about the phone being leased.


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There are issues with iPhone 8 / 8Plus screen replacements; the TrueTone is disabled as is the Ambient Light Sensor. Per iFixit:

As of July 2018, replacing the display disables the ambient light sensor no matter what type part you use. Consequently, auto-brightness and True Tone functions won’t work with replacement displays. It’s believed this is due to a bug in iOS 11. The beta release of iOS 12 partially fixes this issue, so it’s possible Apple will resolve it in a future iOS update.

More information can be found here:

In that sense, it is best to let Apple replace the screen if you’re phone is leased and you want it to be in original, like-new condition.

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