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The TI-Nspire CX handheld features a full-color, backlit screen, thin sleek design and includes TI-Nspire rechargeable battery.

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My calculator does not turn on

So my TI stop working and when i try to turn it on it gets stuck and it says “system error “ and a symbol of a yellow triangle with exclamation mark appears, but I don´t know what it means.

What can I do to repair it?

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@bluesoul wall try to access the maintenance menu by holding [Doc][Enter][EE] and pressing the reset button on the back. In the maintenance menu, try 2 (erase OS).

If the problem persists, try 4 (full format - all data will be lost).

If it's not enough, another try with 2 and 4 usually completes the cleaning and solves the problem.

If nothing else you could try to access the diagnostics by holding [Esc][-][Menu] and pressing the reset button, then check for the options listed in there. Let us know what you got.

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