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The N95 8GB is a revision of the N95, with a larger screen, 8GB of internal flash storage and larger capacity battery.

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no menu and no conection on startup

on switch on the date shows to be set any button i push does not work, i cant get any menu at all and there is no conection a all the phone is unlocked to any network.

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janetnash54, try a soft and/or hard reset and apparently there are a couple ways of doing it. One way to try is to:

1) Make sure phone is fully charged and switch it off.

2) Press simultaneously the green "call" button, '*' and '3', and keep them down.

3) With those 3 keys down, switch the phone on.

4) Only release the 3 keys when the phone shows signs of life such as the Nokia logo or the language selection screen.

the other way is to push the following combination "*#7370#" without the quotes. The default password is 12345 unless you changed it prior.

You should of course try the soft reset first "*#7780#" again without the quotes, default password again is 12345. A soft reset resets all settings to defaults but keeps any applications you previously installed. A hard reset restores phone to the way it was right out of the box. Retains firmware version and operator Variant changes but wipes all applications you have installed See if any of this will work for you and let us know. Good Luck

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