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iPhone 8 Plus touches go crazy (ghost or no) after screen replacement

I have iPhone 8 Plus with broken screen. Have changed it to eTradeSupply screen, after one day the screen gone crazy - there is no touches at times, ghost touches at times, sometime all is good. Original broken (glass) screen was working good. I have tried hard reset and etc. Obvious advice everywhere is to change screen to another one, however there is a little twist -> the screen is perfectly working with out any problems if you open the phone (so the screen part is not closed/connected with the rest of the phone), looks like the flex cable might be a problem (bending?) or is anything else may cause that? Any thoughts?

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Check the enclosure for bends. If the screen works perfectly with the phone open, it could be that there’s a bend or dent somewhere in the housing that’s putting undue pressure on the digitizer glass. also ensure that the flex cables aren’t getting kinked when the phone is closed. I have seen this happen before and it is almost always one of those two things happening.

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